September 2011

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Announcing our RTW plans

by Kim September 28, 2011

Announcing our departure date for our RTW travels and the plan for the first two legs of our trip. We are so excited!!

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Chasing My Wife’s Dream

by Kim September 25, 2011

Traveling the world is my dream. Six months ago Brian wrote about his experience as the part of a traveling couple that wants it a little less. Now, six months later, Brian writes about how his perspective has shifted and where he stands today.

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Good Things Come Back To You

by Kim September 21, 2011

Selling our beloved house was hard, and writing a nice note to the new owner was harder still. It’s tough to pass the torch when you’re not quite ready to give it up. But I’m glad we left our house on a loving note, because good things come back to you.

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RTW Planning Makes You Boring

by Kim September 18, 2011

Planning a trip around the world dominates my thoughts. It’s all I think about and all I talk about. Here’s your fair warning: travel planning makes you boring.

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Backpacking the Wallowas

by Kim September 16, 2011

If you’re looking for an adventure in the great Northwest, visit the stunning Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon.

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Brian and I Are Debt Free

by Kim September 8, 2011

We cancelled our cable, sold our car and then our home. Finally, for the first time in our lives, Brian and I are DEBT FREE!

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