August 2011

The Other Side of Home

by Kim August 31, 2011

My first post from our new apartment. It’s been two weeks since we left our home and settled into a new place and I’m once again redefining what home means to me.

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Moving on

by Kim August 29, 2011

The selling-the-house step of this journey was a hard one, but we have moved on, and now we feel as though nothing can keep us from reaching this dream.

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You can take the girl out of Ohio

by Kim August 17, 2011

A collection of photos from a few weeks of packing and visiting our families in the midwest.

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Sacrifices? There Are Plenty.

by Kim August 9, 2011

Think you don’t need to make sacrifices to follow your dream? Brian and I have made plenty. This is what it feels like to sell our beloved home in order to have the freedom to pursue our dreams.

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Update: life marches on

by Kim August 7, 2011

A recap on the changes that have been happening lately. In the past six weeks we put our house on the market, sold 75% of our worldly possessions and moved into an apartment. How’s that for a busy six weeks?

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