The Speed of Change

by Kim on July 17, 2011 · 59 comments

Sometimes change meanders like a river and sometimes it strikes like lightening

My blog is an outlet for me to document every big and small change that occurs while I fight the good fight to live my dreams (Brian too, but it’s easier for me to write about myself). 

At times the process of change feels so slow that I can barely recognize progress.  We save money paycheck by paycheck, tiny bit by tiny bit.  We give away things here and there.  We make decisions to use less, buy nothing, minimalize.  We talk and talk and talk about our plans.  We do endless amounts of dreaming and all of it is theoretical.  The dream exists but only inside of us.  If we had to show some empirical representation of our dream we’d have nothing to point to.

But last week we put our house on the market.  We cleaned and repaired and cleaned some more.  We put flowers on the table.  We prayed to St. Joseph and finally (finally!) we had something to show as evidence of our new path.  We’re doing this, damnit, we said to ourselves, look at that sign in our yard.  And we thought, this will be a long, hard, draining, crazy process but we will stick it out.  We were preparing ourselves for the long-haul of house selling.

So let me tell you this crazy story about what happened next. 

Our house went on the market on Friday afternoon. 

A couple came to see it at 4pm on Saturday.

At 8pm on Saturday we received a full price offer. 

(Oh, did I mention that we are selling the house furnished at full price?)

On Sunday we had the open house. 

On Monday we countered.

On Tuesday they accepted.

On Wednesday we drank heavily.

On Thursday they had the inspection.

On Friday we drank heavily again.

It is Saturday as I write this and we are waiting for the results of the inspection.  There are many things that could still fall through about this deal but nevertheless things are moving at warp speed

(By the way, we feel like we have just taken a crash course in homeselling 101 and I will write a big, long post about that sometime soon).

This past week has been filled with highs and lows.  Each new high and low I think to myself I should be writing about this but the truth is that it is emotionally draining to sit down and tell the story.  I have cried more in the past seven days than I have in a really, really long time.  We were emotionally ready to put the house on the market but we hadn’t quite prepared ourselves to let go of it so quickly.  If both parties ultimately agree on the terms of the sale Brian and I will be homeless and possessionless by August 19th.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And, by the way, I never doubted St. Joseph but HOLY CRAP!!)

We are very excited.  We are also in super-super-super-high-level-home-selling-stress-mode and trying not to get too far ahead of ourselves.  And I’m mourning the possible loss of our home, too.  Selling the house is what we want but it is still hard to let go (and so quickly!) of this place that we have lived in and loved for the past six years. 

Who knows what will happen in the upcoming weeks.  Maybe the house will sell or maybe negotiations will crumble.  Either way, all of a sudden everything is changing right before our eyes.

(And just one more time, for good measure, a shout-out to St. Joseph.  Thank you St. Joseph!)