The Crotchless Shorts Story

by Kim on June 7, 2011 · 37 comments

Brian and I are on a mission to save money.  We are laser-eyed and single-minded.  Every decision we make we make with our RTW travel goal in mind. 

I’ve said it before, but just in case you missed it:

We don’t buy things anymore.

Like, nothing.

(except for food)

(and that absolutely necessary weekend escape to the coast) 

What I’ve learned by buying nothing

I hate to admit it but I am so totally hardwired to buy instead of repair/rejigger/creatively find a solution to what I need. 

I’ll give you an example. 

I own one pair of running shorts (no small feat for someone who runs six days a week).  Because I own only one pair, and because I’ve been wearing them for two years, the seams finally gave out on me. 

I thought, I need to buy new shorts

Then I thought, but you’re not buying anything

Then I went to the gym outfitted in the essentially crotchless shorts, did three sets of highly embarrassing squats, and vowed to come up with a creative solution to my problem.  I needed new shorts, but I couldn’t buy new shorts.  What’s a girl to do?

Finally, it hit me. 

Kim, sew the damn things.

Like, hello. 

I could hear my late grandmother, a seamstress who amassed an impressive collection of thimbles during her lifetime, rolling over in her grave. 

In my former life, when I bought things, I’d have easily justified replacing a pair of shorts I’ve worn almost every day for two years (don’t judge me.  I do own a washing machine). 

But in this new life, this life where I buy nothing, I sewed the damn things up and now they’re good as new. 

How much have I wasted in my life because it was easier to replace instead of repair? 

I’ve been reprioritizing for a little while now.  My challenge is to value, really value, what I already have instead of always wanting more. 

I’m trying to let this simple truth sink in: I already have exactly what I need

By the way…

Do I stand like that all the time?  What the hell?