No More Countdowns

by Kim on June 26, 2011 · 50 comments

The Countdown Will Not Continue

Photo by sashafatcat.  Flickr creative commons.

I’m sure you missed my monthly countdown earlier this month.  You did, right?

10 Months Until Our RTW

9 Months Until Our RTW

8 Months Until Our RTW

and eventually….


Today I’m announcing that the countdown will not continue. Brian and I made a big decision and we don’t yet know what it means for our departure date. 

We are going to sell our house

After weeks and months of agonizing over the decision to sell or not to sell I spent a weekend at the World Domination Summit surrounded by fantastic people, many of whom have already been where we want to go. 

After that amazing weekend I spent a few days thinking intensely about what to do with our house.  It eventually became clear that in order to make a decision we needed to identify the intention of our trip.  In other words, what is at the core of what we are doing and which decision best supports that core? 

Determining the Core

We had to ask ourselves:

Is the purpose of our trip to go on a year-long vacation, visit the seven wonders and hop-scotch around the globe until our time is up, then come back to life as we know it?  If so, keep the house.

Is the purpose to set out on a journey that has no foreseeable end, follow our noses from one passion to another, try things out, move on when it feels right, and figure out what life is like when it is based on freedom, human connection, and learning?  If so, sell the house. 

When we looked at the decision to sell or not based on the intention of our trip, the answer was vividly clear.  How did we not see it before?  We cannot be tied down to a mortgage payment if we intend to live with very little.  We cannot follow our passions if we have a 20 ton elephant to feed (our passions are not to be trial lawyers or brain surgeons but writers and environmental educators- not the most lucrative gigs). 

The Decision Is Hard

Brian and I have thrown everything we have into saving for this trip.  We’ve made sacrifices.  We’ve piled away pennies like squirrels collecting nuts.  If we sell the house we will lose money.  We’ll have to dip into our travel fund to pay off the house, so selling is not an easy decision.

If we keep the house we can leave “on time” (whatever that means) and the countdown could continue, but we’d be hindering ourselves in the long run.  Keeping the house will get us out the door sooner but ultimately take away our long-term flexibility. 

The Madness Begins

We’ve now launched into the craziness of getting the house on the market.  We’re painting, caulking, mowing, having high-stress conversations with our realtor.  In many ways life just got a lot more hectic and stressful.  But inside I feel a calmness.  After all the stress and endless conversations and back and forth over the decision, I know we are on the right path.  I know because in the center of myself I feel calm and excited.  

Selling the house is the right next step and it appeared just when we needed it to.

(And if you could send us good house selling juju we would *really* appreciate it)