Choose To Live Your Dreams

by Kim on June 14, 2011 · 22 comments

Will you live your dreams?  The choice is yours. 

Photo by cogdogblog.  Flickr creative commons.

If your place of employment is anything like mine then retirement is a common topic of conversation. 

There are daily, weekly, monthly countdowns.  Desktop clocks click backwards towards the moment

Retirement whispered like a little prayer. 

Each day, one day closer to freedom. 

But also this: each day, one less than we had before. 

Tick tock.

In the morning I study the tired eyes of my coworkers as we pile into the elevator.  I tell myself remember this, remember this, remember this.  I say, fight with all you have to find another way.

I want to live a life that I don’t want to retire from.

Life is one big experiment.  We test boundaries and rules.  We dabble.  We take chances -or we don’t- and then we find out what happens.  We turn over one stone and then another and another.  We make choices and we’re never quite sure what the consequences will be.  We decide to live boldly.  We decide to be brave.  We decide if we will spend forty years in a cubicle.  We decide how much that big paycheck means to us.  We decide if security is the point.

Then, once we’ve made our choice the momentum of that decision takes us closer or farther away from the life we were meant to live. 

Either way, each choice is ours.  For the record, not making a choice is making a choice. 

Where are your choices leading you? 

What kind of life will you decide to live?