Rafting in Ashland, Oregon

by Kim on May 23, 2011 · 3 comments

Ashland, Oregon Rafting

Kim’s note: This is a guest post from my friends at Indigo Creek Outfitters, written by owner Will.  If you’re looking for a great company to take you down the Rogue River, Indigo Creek Outfitters is for you.

Rafting the Rogue River in Ashland, Oregon

In 1986 my parents took me on my very first rafting trip, a four-day float through the wild and scenic stretch of the Rogue River. I was only six months old and don’t remember anything from that trip, but today I am sure there is a connection between it and what I’ve grown to appreciate in my adult years. Today I love being outside, on a river, with good friends and fun whitewater.

Indigo Creek Outfitters

Recently I’ve started a whitewater rafting company called Indigo Creek Outfitters. We run half-day rafting trips on the Upper Rogue, on a section known as “Nugget-Powerhouse”. This stretch of water is the closest rafting to Ashland, Oregon and has a variety of rapids ranging from beginner (class I and II) to intermediate (class III and IV).
For families or groups of mixed rafting experience, this stretch of river is absolutely perfect. It starts mellow and builds up slowly until the two grand finales: Nugget Falls and Powerhouse Rapid. Between the start and finish there are calm places to practice paddling and sitting in the raft, there are surf waves that are fun to play in, and there are class II and III rapids that keep things interesting. At the very end, almost like the final act of a Shakespeare play, are the two biggest rapids.
When explaining our trips to friends and family a lot of them ask, Are you the only company on this stretch of river?  The answer is no – there are quite a few other outfits in the Rogue River Valley that run this exact same stretch of river. A few of them have been around for a very long time and almost all of them run great trips. The question, then, is How are you different?

Start Your Trip at the River Center

I’ve worked for many different outfitters over the past 10 years and I’ve taken my favorite parts of each one and built Indigo Creek Outfitters. The biggest difference that our customers will notice from the very start is that all of our trips meet at our River Center located in downtown Ashland. Most other outfits pick people up at hotels or predetermined locations which initially sounds like a great thing, but if you are the first one picked up you can expect to spend another half hour to one hour driving around town picking everyone else up. Meeting at our River Center solves that problem.

Make Mom’s Life Easier

At our River Center we are able to offer conveniences that very few outfitters can match. Free parking, changing rooms, bathrooms, and handy river items like sunscreen, chums, and sunglasses are available at the store. We’ve built our operation with the goal of making a Mom’s life easier when preparing her kids for a rafting trip. Instead of changing on a bus or the side of the road, our River Center offers a relaxed place to prepare the entire family or group for the river.
One of the coolest things about having the River Center is that it allows us a space to play a slideshow of photographs of all the rafts at the conclusion of the trip. We are the only outfitter that is permitted by the BLM to take and sell photos to our customers. We take photos at Nugget Falls, which is one of the most fun rapids on the entire Rogue River and is a really good place to shoot at. The atmosphere inside our River Center when the photos are playing is exciting and full of smiles as everyone watches their rafts running Nugget. 

The Indigo Creek Outfitters Philosophy

The most important thing that makes us different from other outfitters is our philosophy when it comes to running trips. Our slogan is: We deliver outdoor experiences that create lasting memories. When people look for an experience like rafting what they are shopping for is a memory; Something they can take home and remember the following year. It’s not just a rafting trip, it’s about being out there with your kids or your friends, meeting new people, and having a great time outside. The value of that memory is a lot higher than simply getting splashed in the face with waves.

Great Staff

We choose our staff based on the belief that personality and company culture are the two most important things because they have the greatest influence on the memory of your experience with us. We’ve chosen a staff that enhances your outdoor experience; and I can promise any customer that the value of our trips goes beyond one day of rafting – we build lifetime memories, and you can’t put a price tag on that.

Visit Indigo Creek Outfitters

I really hope that if you are traveling through Southern Oregon you can make time to visit us at our River Center. Better yet, join us for a great trip down the Upper Rogue. We would be ecstatic for the chance to take you down the river and look forward to delivering smiles this year and beyond.
Indigo Creek Outfitters can be reached 24/7 at 541-203-0222. Our website can be found at www.IndigoCreekOutfitters.com and our email address is info@IndigoCreekOutfitters.com. You can also become a fan on facebook.