8 Months Until Our RTW!

by Kim on May 2, 2011 · 37 comments

8 Months Until We Travel the World

Wow, another month down the hatch.  It’s pretty amazing how quickly time flies, even when you’re not having much fun!  (Just kidding, we’re having as much fun as any two people can have without spending money which is, I’m happy to report, still a lot). 
There weren’t any big RTW developments last month but, for the sake of remembering later, here’s what happened in April.

The Money Stuff

We’re still saving, and saving, and saving and at the end of April we reached 72.74% of our original goal (that’s 62.35% of our new, loftier goal).  It appears that we didn’t win the $10K Sony Giveaway but thanks to everyone who voted for us.  I guess we’ll just have to reach our savings goal the ol’ fashioned way.  There really aren’t any shortcuts in life, you can only ever get where you want to go step by step. 

The Doggie Stuff

We took our old, gray, adorable dog to the vet and, miraculously, she walked out of there with a clean bill of health.  She had a gigantic bump on her head which I was convinced was a tumor (it was a cyst) and she’s been slipping on our hardwood floors which we thought was hip dysplasia (it’s just muscle loss).  She even lost eight pounds! (That makes one of us).  
I was envisioning spending thousands of dollars on biopsies and magical fish oils so it was a real relief, to my heart and my pocketbook, to find out that she’s actually quite healthy.  Yay Bear!

Happy Bear on the Oregon Coast

The Making-Hard-Decisions Stuff

We’re still going back and forth on the decision to (attempt to) sell our house or rent it.  Each time we think we’ve made a decision we start questioning the crap out of it and end up back at square one.  We’ve just about reached the point of paralysis on this one because neither choice is really what we want so we just keep doing nothing (bad!). 

A co-worker of mine recently gave me some good advice.  She said we should sit down, make a pros and cons list and a worst-case and best-case scenario list and then set it aside for a week.  We need to give ourselves the freedom not to think about the dang house for a little bit, and then revisit the lists and see if we can’t make a good decision.  So, we’re going to do that, just as soon as I can find a sheet of paper… 

The Making-Not-So-Hard-Decisions Stuff

Deciding on our kick-off country
Originally we were fantasizing about starting our trip in New Zealand but now we’re leaning towards starting in South America.  Truthfully, we have no clue what will end up happening until we finally buy that one way ticket, but it sure is a fun decision to have to make. 

Choosing a travel pack
Thanks to the superpowers of facebook some seasoned travelers weighed in and informed me that I definitely need to get a travel pack and not a backpacking pack (did I even know there was a difference?  No!).  A travel pack is more like a lightweight suitcase you can carry on your back.  It has less straps and loops and gadgets (better for planes, trains, and automobiles) and it opens in the middle like a suitcase so it’s easier to live out of.  I’m sold, and really excited!  I’m going to get the Osprey Porter 65, does anyone have any experience with it?

And Then, Randomly

I just cannot kick the desire to hike the Appalachian Trail.  I keep trying to work it into the plan like, well, we could hike the AT and then take off on our RTW!  Poor Brian always has to reel me back to reality.  I just ALWAYS!WANT!TO!DO!EVERYTHING!RIGHT!NOW!  It’s a blessing and a curse, I tell ya.

I hope the month of April treated you well.  The sun finally started shining here in Portland and things are looking up.