9 Months Until Our RTW!

by Kim on April 3, 2011 · 15 comments

Photo by St_A_Sh

9 Months Until We Travel The World

I wasn’t going to post an end-of-the-month wrap up this time around because I don’t have a lot to report.  But, since I like traditions, I’m just going to throw this one out there for old times sake. 

Our trip is nine months away!  That’s the gestation period of a human!  If our trip was an embryo it’d be shaking its tail and preparing to sprout an eye or two. 

Honestly, though, it’s kind of depressing to continue the countdown like we’ll be leaving in nine months when we know good and well that our departure date is probably closer to twelve months away.  But as I’ve said before I just can’t let go of that original date yet.  And so I continue the countdown with our first departure date (January 2012) and savings goal in mind and hope that we can somehow manage to save lots of extra money between now and then (so far that looks unlikely).

The March wrap-up

The month of March was a tough one for us.  The weather in Portland has been miserable.  It rained every single day but one last month and never got above 60 degrees.  That apparently has not happened since the 1950’s.  It was a crappy month, weather wise, and it was tough not being able to book a trip to some sunny destination to escape the madness because yes, we are lucky, and would have done that in the past without thinking twice about it.

March was also a kinda bad savings month for us.  We saved about $400 less than average.  Mostly because Brian is paid on a wacky schedule and February was a short month and somehow through the dark art of mathematics that equaled less money in our savings account.  The good news is that we’ve finally reached 2/3rds of our savings goal .  Well, our original savings goal that is.  Erg. 

Oh, now I’m acting like March kicked us in the shins and stole our lunch money.  March wasn’t that bad.  There were some bright spots.

Brian wrote his first ever blog post and it was the most popular post on this site to date.  He wrote about his experience as the slightly less enthusiastic part of a traveling couple.  It was a really brave post, if I do say so myself, and it received a ton of positive feedback (thanks everybody!).  In the future, Brian will post from time to time so that you guys can follow his progression as well.

I wrote a guest post over at the Fearful Adventurer.  The assignment was to write 400 words on the topic “Holy Sh#t I Almost Died.”  Because I’ve never really had a near death experience (thankfully) I decided to write a story that would (hopefully) make people giggle.  It’s called Saved by Hulk Hogan.  Check it out, it’s a true story!  

I also wrote a guest post over at Ending the Grind called Leaving The Grind To Live My Dreams. It’s always fun to guest-write on other blogs and reach a different audience. 

We also reached 100 friends on Facebook!  If you haven’t yet ‘liked’ So Many Places Travel Blog you can do so by clicking here (and I appreciate it!). 

I’m writing this post on April 1st and the sun came out today, no joke!  Spring, then summer, is just around the corner.  I know once the longer, warmer days reach us time will really fly by.

I hope the month of March was a good one for all of you and that April is even better.