We’ve Saved 2/3rds Of Our RTW Budget

by Kim on March 30, 2011 · 16 comments

This is a picture of Brian with the first material thing we have purchased since January 31, 2011 when we bought new hardware for our kitchen cabinets at Home Depot (ain’t it fun being an adult?).  In case you are wondering, this little contraption is called a jigger– a bartending tool used to measure liquor. 

We do make the most excellent margaritas.

In the past six weeks Brian and I have eaten in restaurants, gone to the movies, and had our fair share of drinks in bars.  But we have not purchased one single book, item of clothing, dish towel, picture frame, or generic doodad.  Well, aside from the jigger. 

And all of that non-buying leads us to this:

As of today we have saved 2/3rds of our world travel fund

Well, at least 2/3rds of our (original) savings goal.

And while we’ve had to increase our savings goal because of our house situation (sad face) it still feels nice to reach this milestone.  I’ve been waiting for this 2/3rds mark for a long time.

Slowly, slooowwlllyy we are getting there.

Tonight, we celebrate.  Cheers!