Cheap Flights on Travelgrove

by Kim on March 20, 2011 · 1 comment

This is a sponsored review of Travelgrove.  That means that Travelgrove paid me to review their product.  While I was compensated for my time the thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Search for cheap flights: A review of

If you’re anything like me you’ve become pretty adept at searching the major travel comparison websites like or for the best possible flight deal. essentially offers the same service but with a few twists that help it stand out from its competitors. 

The good stuff

Travelgrove’s metasearch provides an easy way to search for cheap flights from a number of different providers and airlines.  It’s simple: type in your departure and destination locations, pick a date, and Travelgrove spits out a variety of different flight options.

So what’s different about Travelgrove?  Well, for one thing, Travelgrove offers a unique feature that any frequent flier is guaranteed to love.  Each time you search for a flight you’ll see the number of award miles you will receive listed right under the cost of the ticket.  For example, I searched for flights from my adopted home of Portland, OR to my hometown of Cincinnati, OH and learned that I would bank 5,110 awards miles by purchasing the flight. 

Another cool feature is Travelgrove’s cheap flights page which offer some good opportunities to find great deals.  I searched for cheap flights to Atlanta and found some really good deals from a few west coast cities, though unfortunately not from Portland.  I then searched for cheap flights to London and found some incredibly good deals, including a round-trip ticket to London from Chicago for under $700 (I searched that one for my BFF who lives in Chicago and has been itching to get back to London, you’re welcome Jenny *wink*).  Travelgrove even found a ticket to London from Portland for under $1,000.  Not too shabby.

Another thing that I like about Travelgrove is that the ticket price listed is the actual price of the ticket, including taxes.  What a concept!  I cannot emphasize enough how annoying it is to search for tickets, find a flight that’s listed for $236, get uber-excited, track down the credit card, enter in all of the information and then learn that, oh wait!, the cost of the ticket is actually $353 with taxes.  That’s the kind of thing that leaves me feeling slightly manipulated.  Luckily, Travelgrove tells you the cost of the ticket straight up. 

Finally, Travelgrove has some other nice features that may come in handy for you.  In addition to the traditional hotel and car rental search features, it also offers a world travel guide, travel tips, and even a travel blog that has a lot of useful information. 

The not so good stuff

When I was a kid we had a Super Saver Cinema near our house that was lit up like Santa’s workshop with thousands of blinking lights.  The place certainly caught your attention, but it also had to be redesigned after a few people experienced seizures due to over-stimulation.  I’m not saying that Travelgrove’s site is that bad, but there’s certainly a lot going on.  It’s what my mom would describe as busy.  I got the hang of the site after awhile and was able to easily navigate after that, but it was intimidating at first. 

I also think that the ‘travel deals around the world’ section of the website could be more inclusive.  For example, only Peru and Brazil have their own pages in the South America section, but perhaps that will come in time.

The final call

Put Travelgrove in your ‘cheap flights’ toolbox and pull it out when you go to search for flights.  Just like anytime you comparison shop, you might find the best deal on and you might not, but it’s certainly worth taking the few minutes to look.