A Rant About Waiting

by Kim on February 12, 2011 · 16 comments

Here’s your fair warning.  This is a whiny and disjointed post.  I’m sorry, I just, you know, had to get it out.

The whiny part

Is it just me or is time literally crawling along?  It’s shuffling like an old man with a peg leg: slowly… slowwwwllllyyyyy… and I’m stuck walking behind him.  I try from time to time to dart out around him into the open space, but just as I make my move, the chance passes and I’m forced to drop behind again.  I want to move faster!  I know I shouldn’t wish away the hours but I keep finding myself saying, like a mantra, “I wish it was next year!  I wish it was next year!”  Oh how this waiting is getting to me.

Maybe I just need a little adventure, an escape to the other side of the mountains where the sun shines this time of year (it does shine this time of year somewhere in Oregon). But, we are saving like maniacs and shouldn’t/won’t spend the money.  We do still have a vacation fund, but we need that money for some traveling we’ll be doing back to Ohio to meet new babies and attend weddings.  We need that money to go bear witness to the people we love pass the milestones of their lives, and I love that, I freaking love that, but I want a milestone too, an I-quit-my-job-today-milestone or a we-hit-our-savings-goal-milestone  (whaaa… picture me stomping my feet and throwing mini temper tantrum).  Instead, we sit and wait in this limbo of not quiet here anymore but nowhere else yet either. 

I’m complaining.  I should not be complaining!  We are going to live our dream!  How many people get to say that?  It’s probably the gray sky and long days at work that have knocked me slightly off-kilter, but man, can next year just get here already???

The disjointed part

Here are some random thoughts I am having right now:

1.  Yay, Egypt

2.  We are meeting with a realtor on Tuesday, it’s the first step towards putting our house on the market.  Whoa!  This is simultaneously terrifying and thrilling. 

3.  I am loving this post by Over Yonderlust about the purpose of their upcoming around the world trip.  It is not a vacation!!  If you read this post you’ll understand exactly how I feel about our own trip.

4.  We were listed as one of 8 Inspirational Blogs That Can Ignite Your Passion on Ending the Grind.  Is that cool or what?

5.  This blog is on facebook now.  I would love it if you would like it by clicking here

6.  Iceland is the size of Ohio.  How did I never know this before?