We Revealed Our Biggest Secret And Then…

by Kim on January 11, 2011 · 22 comments

Since announcing our travel plans to friends and family, the response has been overwhelmingly supportive.  The kind words have meant so much to me, and I’m realizing that I had no reason to be nervous about sharing our plan with the people that care about us. 

An unexpected consequence of opening up about my dreams and goals (epiphany moment: for the first time ever my dreams and goals are the same, whoa) is that it gave my friends and family an outlet to open up to me about their own dreams and goals.  It’s been freakin’ awesome to learn new things about people I thought I already knew. 

Through this process of opening up, it’s really become evident how often we know people superficially but do not, and may never, come to know the core of who they are.  If I created a world, telling others what you really, really want to do with your whole heart would be the second thing you told them after your name and 4,487 thing you told them before what you do to make money.    

A few other unexpected consequences of finally coming clean, of aligning my life up with what I know to be true deep down inside:

  • I’m catching myself nearly breaking out in dance.  Like, I’m at work, shakin’ it in my cubicle. 
  • I’m goofier, playing practical jokes on people, flirting with the check out clerk. 
  • I have butterflies in my stomach, like when I first fell in love. 

I don’t know what to do with it yet, but lately I’ve had this question that keeps welling up inside of me:

What might your life be like, Kim, if you spend the whole rest of it pursuing the things that make you come alive?  What if you always carry on like this despite the fear?

The possibility of that question makes me so excited.  As I stand at the beginning of the journey to turn my life into an expression of my dreams, I feel (like, really, really, really feel) that the best is yet to come.  Yay to that.