RTW Countdown: 11 months

by Kim on January 31, 2011 · 11 comments

11 Months Until Our RTW

Wow, it’s hard to believe that January is in the past and our around the world adventure is only 11 months away!

We took some important steps towards our goal last month.  The first and most important was telling our friends and family about our around the world travel plansThe response was overwhelming and the love continues to trickle in via email, phone calls and conversations over beer. 

With 11 months left until our tentative departure date we’ve now saved 60.52% of our goal (but who’s counting?).  Just last month we saved 4.58% of the total.  We’re saving money like maniacs and it feels awesome.

We (okay, Brian) started doing some long-overdue work on the house to prep it for the market.  He fixed a hole in the ceiling, replaced the molding above the kitchen doorway, put down transition strips between the rooms and has started refinishing the kitchen cabinets and replacing the hardware.  Our goal right now is to have the house on the market by March.

We sold many of our books at Powells and some other items on ebay.  We’re just starting to mentally inventory what we want to keep and what we can get rid of.

We also purchased a bit of travel gear, namely quick drying underwear and quick drying towels.  There are still quite a few purchases we need to make and we’ll get to those in the coming months. 

Every little step we take keeps moving us in the direction of our dreams.  With 11 months until departure, I’m feeling 98% excited and only 2% nervous.  We’re still far enough away from our departure date to keep the major freak-outs at bay.  Right now, the dream sustains and energizes me.