Building Our RTW Itinerary

by Kim on December 29, 2010 · 20 comments

Creating an RTW Itinerary

We’re building our itinerary, though it obviously isn’t complete yet (see below).  I’ve already posted our potential route under our itinerary page, but I’m posting it again as an actual blog so that I can get comments from you RTW travelers. 

I’ve heard from a few experienced travelers that, given our time frame of one year (though possibly longer if the money lasts) this itinerary is never going to happen, there are just too many countries.  I know that’s probably true, but I can’t figure out which places we should consider ditching or, on the other hand, which places we should plan to spend more time in.  I know a lot of it will depend on personal preference and the direction that the universe pulls us, but it’s still fun (and helpful) to mull over our options. 

Me, mulling over the world map

So, we aren’t married to this itinerary.  We want to have enough flexibility to change our plans at any moment (that’s one of the big reasons why we aren’t buying a RTW plane ticket). 

Please take a look and let me know what you think.  Have you tried a similar route?  Have you been to any of these countries?  Which did you love best?  Which did you like least?  What are the cities and experiences we shouldn’t miss out on?

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  You have no idea (or, actually, maybe you do) how helpful it is to get feedback from those of you that have already been down this road. 

RTW Itinerary

New Zealand- 2 weeks

Australia- 2 weeks

Indonesia- (Bali?)- 2 weeks

Thailand- 1 month

Cambodia- ?

Vietnam- ?

India- ?

Nepal- 3 weeks

China- 3 weeks, then catch the Trans-Mongolian Railway

Mongolia- 5 days- 1 week, then back on the Trans-Mongolian Railway

Russia- 1 week- Moscow (the last stop on the Trans-Mongolian) and St. Petersburg and bus to Klaipeda

Germany- 2 weeks- Ferry from Klaipeda to Sassnitz, Germany– Sassnitz to Berlin

Czech Republic- ?

Switzerland- ?

Italy- 1 week- Rome

Croatia- ?

Greece- 5 days

Turkey- ?

Egypt- 1 week

Morocco- ?

Gabon- ?

South Africa- 3 weeks

Argentina- ?

Chile- ?

Peru- ?

Brazil- ?